I’ve been passionate about visual media all my life, and have been professionally involved in post-production for over ten years. During this time I have worked on a wide range of projects including narrative films, documentaries, and music videos. Recently I have assisted on a series for the new streaming service Quibi called "Don’t Look Deeper”, served as the assistant editor for the Soho House film “Coffee Shop Names”, and have also worked on a pair of feature documentaries entitled “The Guest List” and  “Diamond Rivers”.
Telling meaningful stories and helping shape the creative process have always been at the heart of why I work in post, but I am equally fascinated by technical workflows and the challenges they present. When I first started editing, tape based formats and programs like Symphony and Final Cut were industry standards, but as times have changed my skillset has evolved to include a new variety of technologies and workflows.
Some of my skills include media management, project organization, conforming, and round-tripping. I have experience carrying projects from ingest to delivery with both Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere, and am a member of the local 700 editors union as an assistant editor. If you'd like to learn more you can download my resume right here!
I also love watching movies. Some of my favorites are Run Lola Run (1998), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), and more recently American Honey (2016), and Good Time (2017). My ultimate goal is to contribute to films like these that help push the limits of cinema to new heights.
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